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Exposing BGA: Increase Yields with X-Ray Inspection

China Unicomp Technology certification
China Unicomp Technology certification
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Exposing BGA: Increase Yields with X-Ray Inspection
Latest company news about Exposing BGA: Increase Yields with X-Ray Inspection

The incorporation of BGA packages into SMT/PCB assembly has made inspection issues of these leadless components a primary concern. Because solder bonds hidden underneath the package preclude the use of visual inspection as a way of confirming solder joint integrity, many assembly manufacturers are turning to X-Ray systems for BGA inspection. Using standalone or Inline real-time X-Ray systems or a combination of both, assemblers have been able to fine-tune their process parameters in advance of production. Occasional audits or even full inspection are then conducted during production to maintain the quality of assembly processes.


Unicomp has full range of X-Ray instruments for different SMT/Semicon Industrial, including the very popular X-Ray models AX9100, AX8200, AX7900, and for analytical laboratory using CX3000. Unicomp also have developed the high-efficiency full line inspection X-Ray model LX2000.


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                                                      Unicomp EMS X-Ray Instruments


There're a total of over 2000+ sets Unicomp EMS X-ray systems are sold to China, USA, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Germany, England, Finland , Ireland, France, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Australia, Russia, Israel, Turkey, North Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Philippine, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and in total of 32 countries and regions.Our customers are mainly global EMS/ ODM companies like Foxconn, TRW, Bosch, Delphi, Continental, ABB, GM, Philips, Emerson, Littelfuse, Panasonic, Sony, Fujitsu, Olympus, NEC, SVI, Selcom which just name a few of them for reference.


Unicomp Besting Selling and high precision X-Ray machine which is applying for BGA, CSP, QFN, Flip Chip, COB and the wide range of SMT components flaw inspection:


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X-ray inspection has an important role to play in the quality control and failure analysis of electronic systems and components, as it allows manufacturers to look ‘inside’ their products, thus negating the need for costly destructive inspection techniques.


X-ray inspection with the electronics industry covers the complete manufacturing process, allowing manufactures to track readily the quality of their products through the production line. This allows total assurance that the final product is of the highest quality, so that when finally shipped it reaches customers in perfect working order.


Some examples of manufacturing stages of Electronic systems that can be inspection with X-rays are:


· BGA’s (Ball Grid Arrays)

· Void and solder analysis

· Backplane inspection

· Semiconductor backend inspection

· Semiconductor wafer inspection

· Verification of presence, location and orientation of components inspection



Unicomp X-Ray Instruments Plants:


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