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X-Ray Helps Archaeology with More Discoveries

China Unicomp Technology certification
China Unicomp Technology certification
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X-Ray Helps Archaeology with More Discoveries
Latest company news about X-Ray Helps Archaeology with More Discoveries

As X-ray technology makes continuous innovations, its application widens, now apart from its application in fields like public security, industrial NDT, etc., it’s applied by a number of archaeologists to facilitate archaeology for more discoveries. Recently, the excavation of the Haihunhou (Marquis of Haihun) tomb in Jiangxi province has come to an end, with several new discoveries found via X-ray inspection device announced.

The Haihunhou tomb is the most well-preserved Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 24) cemetery, with the most integrate structure, distinct layout and complete sacrificial system.

After five years of excavation, over 10,000 pieces of precious relics were unearthed, including bronze wares, gold and silver wares, jade wares, bamboo slips and inscribed wooden tablets.

"Archeologists and cultural relic conservation experts are cleaning the sludge having been covered for over 2,000 years, to achieve more historical information. They are also restoring the broken ceramics and bronze wares to showcase to the public", Chi Hong, the head of Jiangxi's Department of Culture said.

So far, the number of gold wares unearthed from the Haihunhou tomb has reached 478, the largest in China's archeological history. By technological analysis of X-Ray imaging, delicate agate beads, gilded bronze boxes and jade-decorated bronze plaques were also discovered in the remaining lacquer boxes in the coffin. It’s quite easy to find the important role X-ray played in facilitating more discoveries as to archaeological research.

Established at 2002, Unicomp Technology has been concentrating on unceasing study and making continuous innovation. As time goes by, Unicomp has now grown into a Leading X-ray technology and equipment R&D and manufacturing listed Hi-tech company in China. We specialize in intelligent X-ray inspection machine, currently our machines are widely used for Anti-terrorism, Industrial Non-destructive testing, Public Security, Electronics & Semiconductor, and other high-end industry. Meanwhile, we have been also exploring other expandable x-ray application fields such as Archaeological research, Automotive electronics, Medical apparatus, Food Inspection, Sea Farming, Plastic part, Pharmacy, etc. and aspiring to make continuous breakthrough in our X-ray technology to expand its application.

Unicomp has been making every effort to develop X-ray detection equipment with high quality and excellent user experience. Call us via 400-880-1456 or drop an email to for more details.

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